• lilLift Logo

    lil Lift

    The Massachusetts based lil Lift, a company that makes stylish dog harnesses to help support the back-end weight of aging or disabled dogs, needed some assistance establishing their brand. I designed this logo for them, as well as packaging and various marketing materials.

    Skills: Illustrator, Branding

  • Lexus Pre-Owned

    This banner ad was created for the Lexus Pre-Owned event while employed at BZ Results.

    Skills: Flash, ActionScript3, timeline animation

  • ChevyDealer Flash Website

    Chevy Flash Template

    This a flash template I created for a Chevrolet Dealership while employed at BZ Results. I used my ActionScript3 abilities and my design skills to provide the client with a clean modern site, that incorporated all the profit centers they wished to focus on.

    Skills: Flash, ActionScript3

  • Radiant Beginnings Logo

    Radiant Beginnings Yoga

    This logo was created for Radiant Beginnings Yoga, a company based in Denver, CO that specializes in children's yoga. The logo needed to be fun and youthful yet professional.

    Skills: Illustrator, Branding

  • Chevrolet Spark

    This banner ad was created to introduce the new Chevy Spark model while employed at BZ Results.

    Skills: Flash, ActionScript3, timeline animation

  • VolvoDealer Flash Website

    Volvo Flash Template

    This ActionScrtipt3 flash template was design for a Volvo dealership that wished to increase the visibility of both their current service and inventory specials.

    Skills: Flash, ActionScript3

  • BizFuel Logo


    Seattle based consulting firm BizFuel was in need of a logo that was mature yet playful as well as smart. We also collaborated and coined their tagline "Gets you started - keeps you going".

    Skills: Illustrator, Branding

  • Courtney's Closet

    This is a mock banner I created to demonstrate something a little fun and feminine.

    Skills: Flash, ActionScript3, timeline animation

  • LexusDealer Flash Design

    Lexus Dealer Template

    This flash template was created for a Lexus Dealer that had requested classic, clean and elegant samples.

    Skills: Flash, ActionScript3, timeline animation

  • Ueblehorbon Beer

    A fictitious beer company I created, one thirsty Sunday afternoon after watching some football. Just something fun, marketed to the dorkier male population that is most likely not watching football. Yes, I have a sense of humor.

    Skills: Flash, ActionScript3, timeline animation

  • GM Service

    Service banner created at BZ Results to promote GM's Certified Service program

    Skills: Flash, ActionScript3, timeline animation

  • Coach Jennie Website


    Coach Jennie came to me with an existing Wordpress website she wanted redesigned to better reflect her brand. After a meeting to establish the websites content, I had a clearer understanding of her personality. We tossed her stale vanilla template and replaced it with a fun invigorating site that's full of Moxie!

    Skills: Wordpress, CSS, HTML, Photoshop

Meet Courtney

As you've probably guessed by now, I'm Courtney and this is my portfolio. It contains work from my current job, some freelance and one or two things I did just for fun. As a web designer I am not only passionate about design and functionality, but also branding. I not only want to make you a site that looks great, (everywhere) and works great (now and 5 years from now), I want it to support and reinforce your brand and marketing efforts. With a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Graphics & New Media from Johnson & Wales University, and over 5 years of web design experience, I have a proven track record that shows I will deliver just that. I'll take your rough ideas, and with a little creative and strategic thinking transform them into a user friendly website that generates sales. I thrive on a challenge and am always looking for ways to increase overall performance. Past clients and colleagues have described me as innovative, extremely reliable, highly productive and crazy fun to work with. If you'd like to hear more from those I've worked with, I invite you to visit my references page. If you like what you've heard, please visit my contact page and feel free to shoot me and email or quick phone call to inquire about my availability.


  • Flash Design, ActionScript 3.0, CSS, XML, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator


  • BZ Results / ADP Employee of the Month, October 2008
  • School of Technology President's Trophy, Johnson & Wales University, May 2004

Random Factoids

  • Not the best swimmer
  • Got the Perfect Attendance Award in 2nd Grade
  • and again 3rd Grade
  • ...and maybe several other grades. What!?
  • Drove across the country 3 times
  • Fascinated by the homeless
  • Lover of people & animals
  • Once hated cheese, now can't get enough
  • Favorite color: plum
  • Once slept on the dashboard of an RV
  • Loves NYC and everything about it!
  • Never seen Star Wars
  • Prefers to drive a manual
  • Can't snap
fancy couch

Services & Specialties

Web Design

Web Design

Let's face it, the web is where we spend a lot of our free time and gather most of our information. When's the last time you used the yellow pages to find a local service? Without a website, or even a poor out dated website you're sure to lose business to your competitors. Your website needs to be professional, easy to read and embody your companies brand. Hire me to redesign, rebrand, or build your website from the ground up and watch business increase.



From the very important logo, to the promotional bookmark or coffee sleeve, I've got you covered. Your brand is a direct reflection of your company and it's core values, it's important that this message is consistent and strong across the board. I've studied branding at both Johnson & Wales University and the Rhode Island School of design, it's something I live, breathe and love. Give me control of your brand and you won't be disappointed.

Social Media

Social Media Consulting

Face what? Tweet who? Google + me = confused! I know, I know every time you turn a corner it seems like a new social networking website has popped up and caught fire out of no where. You've heard of "Social Media" and "Social Networking", supposedly your business should be there, but you just don't see how or why. Don't worry, you're not the only one. It is important for your business to integrate Social Media into it's bag of tricks, but which networks you're on and how you utilize them will be different for every company. Sit down for a one on one consulting session and I'll guide you in the right direction. After your plan is set up I'll also be available for weekly, biweekly or monthly follow up sessions.


Jennie Mustafa-Julock - CoachJennie.com

Jennie Mustafa-Julock

"Courtney Curtis is obviously a fantastic designer - the proof is all right here in her work. But what you don't know is how much she does for her clients. She graciously held my hand through my entire rebranding process, created a completely new look and feel for my website that seriously astonished me, branded my social media presence, and even advised me on how to better utilize blogging and social media to market my services. No matter how many questions I ask or how many bizarre requests I make, she always gets it done right, done quickly, and done with a playful giggle. I seriously cannot recommend her highly enough! For as long as she'll have me, Courtney will ALWAYS be my go-to designer!"

Matthew Dionne - Web Install Specialist

Matthew Dionne

"Courtney is an extremely talented and dependable web designer whose timeliness is second to none. When she is given a deadline or sets one herself she will make sure it is not only completed on that date but also delivered above expectations. She is very knowledge about her field and is always willing to teach her coworkers when needed. Courtney is a great asset to any company and a joy to work with."

Dawson Bruton - Project Specialist

Dawson Bruton

"I would like to offer a formal recommendation for Courtney Curtis. As a Project Specialist at BZ Results, I worked on a team with Courtney for approximately 3 years producing over 60 Automotive Digital Marketing systems. She is a very creative and outstanding web designer who always paid attention to detail without missing a deadline. She constantly showed enthusiasm and worked extremely well within a team environment. I highly recommend Courtney for any creative/design team."

Rachelle Dostie - Johnson & Wales University

Rachelle Dostie

"I have known Courtney since 2004 where we were both students at Johnson & Wales University. Every time we were assigned to work on a project together, I had no doubt that she would deliver because she possesses an extremely dedicated work ethic and always comes to the table with very creative and original ideas. In addition, her outgoing and friendly personality make her very easy to work with. All of these traits would allow her to add value to any company."

Contact Courtney

Like my stuff? Have questions? Want to hire me? Need step by step directions about how to Dougie? Well what are you waiting for!? Use one of the methods below to contact me today and ask away. Email is preferred, phone if you must, drive-bys are... well... highly inefficient and pretty creepy.

EMAIL : ccurtis@courtneycurtis.com
PHONE : 978.6dezign | (978) 633-9446
HOOD : Pacific Street, Brooklyn NY 11217

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